Learning Management System

Homework, grades, classroom news, events, photos, files and more — all in one place.

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Learning Management System

ParentLocker's tools are helping teachers and students learn and communicate effectively during COVID-19.

At a Glance

  • Teachers post homework, assignments, quizzes, tests, news, files, photos and events to the classes they teach.
  • Parents and students see posted content in each child's Organizer, which displays all the news, assignments and work from the student's courses and activities on one-page. Learn more about the organizer. .
  • ParentLocker's Class Pages streamline communication: teachers communicate efficiently and effectively, and parents at home are kept in the loop online, on the Mobile App, and via the Daily Homework Email.

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Communication with Home

Class Pages guarantees students and parents are fully informed and up-to-date on what is going on in class and in school.

  • Parents and students log into ParentLocker to check the organizer for posts and updates.
  • The ParentLocker App also includes the Organizer, so parents and students can check-in on-the-go.
  • In addition, the Daily Homework Email sends home an automated email summary which includes tonight's homework as well as upcoming school work and due dates for each child.
  • Class Pages reduces the amount of emails parents receive: instead of each teacher and the school sending individual emails, parents will get a single email summary at the end of each day with all class posts combined.

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Excellent program! We love using ParentLocker as a school. It is so easy to use and the parents love it as well. Any issues are dealt with immediately and our questions are always thoroughly answered. The teachers love its ease and accessibility.

Randi Orshan, Ohr Chadash Academy, Director of Teaching and Learning

Powerful Integrations

ParentLocker integrates with all your favorite platforms, giving teachers and students the tools they need to succeed. ParentLocker streamlines everything posted on any platform, so students see everything in one place.

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Powerful Tools for Teachers

Teachers use their pages on ParentLocker to keep parents and students at home fully-informed and up-to-date with what's going on in class and school.

  • The class calendar, also called the Organizer, includes all the upcoming due dates, tests, quizzes, events, and homework assignments.
  • The newsboard is used for rich communication with parents and students. Text, files, photos and videos can be included in each class' "news feed" which parents follow from home.
  • The Files tab gives teachers a Dropbox-like space where files can be uploaded and organized into files. This is especially useful for handouts, newsletters, presentations, and other types of files.
  • The Photos section is where teachers can upload full photo albums complete with pictures from class and other school activities.
  • Teachers can also share class grades (from the Gradebook) with students and parents, which will appear in the Grades tab. Of course, students and parents will only see their own grades only, and not the whole class.

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More Tools

  • Teachers can also see at a glance all of the work they have assigned and scheduled in their courses through the platform. Teachers also get the Daily Homework Email with the work they assigned to their students.
  • The Test and Quiz Calendar, which displays already scheduled tests and quizzes, helps teachers schedule their own tests and quizzes accordingly.
  • Administrators can pull up any Organizer, by student, teacher, class, subject, or division, to see all classwork and homework assigned in the relevant courses.

ParentLocker Rocks! The ease of use, and user friendly approach for both parents and teachers makes it an ideal program for any school. Parent Locker is constantly striving to improve on what is already an amazing program and they listen to our feedback. Customer support is great. I deal with Daniel and he is a genius. He is there to help and no question is considered "silly". They want you to learn the program and it is there pleasure to answer your concerns. Generating reports is easy and sending emails is a cinch. If you try this program I know you won't be disappointed.

Shari Willinger-Weiss, Office Manager, HAFTR Lower School

The system is highly customized, extremely user friendly, very flexible and an absolute pleasure to use. The customer support is outstanding, and response turn around time is lightning fast. Since we began using the system, our staff has been more communicative with our parent body. Both school and home are happy. This can't be said of many school management programs out there. Believe me, I have tried many!

Lisa Benjamin, Director of Technology, North Shore Hebrew Academy

ParentLocker is the leading management solution for K-12 schools.

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