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Email, text message, and phone-tree blasts to instantly communicate with your community.

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Instant Communication

With ParentLocker's Email & Text Messaging tools, administrators and teachers can easily send emails and texts from any computer. A powerful, instant channel of communication is always available between school and home.

  • Administrators can email/text the entire school, or select groups such as grade levels, staff members, or bus riders.
  • Teachers can email/text the students and parents of their classes.

Recipient Groups

Groups of recipients are created and updated automatically based on your school information:

  • By grade level, class, and course
  • By admissions status
  • By SIS fields, such as Bus Number or Zip Code
  • Staff members
  • Administrators

You can also create your own groups based on who you contact frequently.


Message logs show a record of all emails/texts you've sent, as well as messages teachers have sent through the system.

With read-receipts, you can also see how many recipients have received your emails and text messages.


ParentLocker's communications dashboard editor is easy-to-use and intuitive. Select recipients, enter a subject, write up your message, include any attachments, and then preview and send.

Schedule In Advance

You can choose to send your email or text message immediately, or you can schedule it to go out at a later time.

  • Send now: your email will go out immediately.
  • Schedule to send: your email will go out on the date and time you choose.
  • Save draft: if it needs more work, save it and continue later.

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