Tuition Management & Payment Plans

Create tuition contracts and payment plans to automate tuition management through a single, integrated platform.

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Online Forms and Applications

  • Create multi-page forms with text inputs, select drop downs, and file-uploads to share with applicants to your school.
  • Forms are pre-populated with the information you already have on file for the family and student, saving parents time.
  • Once submitted, the data inputted by the parent on the form automatically imports into their account in your ParentLocker database, so that your office staff doesn't need to type-in any data manually.
  • Accept payments with forms, such as application and registration fees.

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Submissions Inbox

All submissions come into the form's submissions inbox, visible to form administrators. From here, you'll be able to see each forms status, for example, "Started", "In-Progress", "Submitted", or "Imported." Additionally, forms can be viewed, edited, manually submitted, printed, and imported.

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Best Educational Software out there! In addition to being intuitive, clean and quick Parent Locker requires minimum clicks to get the information you are looking for. Parents are enthused with the Student Organizer, easy PTC scheduler and online Admissions/Registration process. This will make your administrators, educators and parents very happy!

David Kramer, Executive Director, Yeshiva of South Shore

Smart and Customizable

Forms are customizable and can be put together based on your needs, on your end.
  • Much like creating a Google Form, ParentLocker's form editor allows you to build pages and add fields as needed.
  • Create text inputs, file inputs, large text boxes for paragraph responses, dropdown boxes with options, and more.
  • You can make certain fields required to be filled in by the parent.
  • Create sections that appear if a certain answer to a previous question is selected.
  • Add fees per form, per student on the form, and more.

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Landing Webpages

Special webpages, called Landing Pages, can be created to be a homepage for related forms.
  • If there are multiple related forms, for example, multiple forms to be submitted when applying to the school, create an Admissions Landing Page where prospective parents can find all relevant forms to fill out.
  • Landing Pages can be given a unique, easy-to remember address, for example

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