The Daily Homework Email

A summary of homework, due dates, and upcoming tests emailed home daily.

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The Daily Homework Email

  • The Daily Homework Email is an email sent home each evening with a summary of each child's homework, due dates, upcoming tests and quizzes, and any classroom news.
  • After teachers post the night's homework and other upcoming work, parents get the email with all the information relevant to their children.
  • In addition to the website and the ParentLocker App, the email is another way parents keep up-to-date with their child's progress at school.
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Targeted Communication

  • The email only includes information relevant to the children in the family. Parents see just what they are looking for.
  • The number of emails parents receive is reduced: instead of receiving an email from each teacher separately, the Daily Homework Email includes all the updates in one message.
  • If no homework was posted for that night, or if there is no upcoming dues dates or tests, the parent won't receive the email update.

The Organizer

The Daily Homework Email is a summarized version of the Student Organizer, where all of a student's school work and updates are listed.

The system is highly customized, extremely user friendly, very flexible and an absolute pleasure to use. The customer support is outstanding, and response turn around time is lightning fast. Since we began using the system, our staff has been more communicative with our parent body. Both school and home are happy. This can't be said of many school management programs out there. Believe me, I have tried many!

Lisa Benjamin, Director of Technology, North Shore Hebrew Academy

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