Online Gradebook

An online gradebook to help teachers record, average, and publish grades.

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The Gradebook

  • The online Teacher Gradebook allows teachers to input student work, assignments and exams.
  • The gradebook is powerful and flexible: teachers have lots of control with how grades are displayed and averaged.
  • Teachers can create class and student reports with grades and averages.
  • Teachers can optionally share grades with parents by email or weekly grade reports.

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  • Gradebook integrates with Google Classroom, allowing student grades to be pulled automatically from Classroom.
  • When Report Cards time comes around, teachers are able to import their gradebook grades onto the Report Cards and Progress Reports in just a few clicks.
  • Standards-Based Grading gradebooks can be imported along with the standards.
  • Teachers are able to over-write imported grades if they choose to do so.

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Share with Parents

  • Teachers can choose to optionally "publish" their gradebook: parents will see each new grade as its posted for their child.
  • Teachers can also email specific grades home to parents and students.
  • Weekly or monthly reports can be created with assessments entered onto the gradebook.

Standards Based Grading

ParentLocker's Teacher Gradebook now supports Standards-Based Grading!

  • Teachers enter assessments and input grades for each relevant assessment.
  • The gradebook then averages scores based on a chosen averaging method (mean, latest, median, decaying, etc).
  • Reports with rank and averages can be created for the whole class.

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Gradebook does the Math

  • The Teacher Gradebook helps teachers average all their student's grades.
  • In traditional weighting mode, averages are determined by averaging together each category (ie, tests, homework, classwork, etc) by their respective weight as set up by the teacher.
  • In standards-based gradebooks, each standard is averaged based on a chosen averaging method (mean, latest, median, decaying, etc).
  • Teachers can also set their gradebooks to drop the lowest scores for each category.

Great experience with ParentLocker! Very powerful system for maintaining basic parent/student data, grades, etc. The team is very responsive to customer service issues and welcomes suggestions from clients.

Ed Fox, Executive Director, Yeshiva Har Torah

ParentLocker is the leading management solution for K-12 schools.

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