School Information System (SIS)

The SIS Database is the core of ParentLocker. Data is easily managed, updated, and retrieved.

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One Unified Database

The School Information System has all data related to students, families, and staff. From standard demographic information, to photographs, documents, medical information, emergency contacts, and more — the SIS is the go-to module for up-to-date information.

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Input Anything

Want to input information we don't have a field for? No problem! Create as many custom fields as you need so that you can store and track your information in the SIS.

  • Fields can be set as file-upload fields, allowing you to upload documents and images to the SIS

Historical Reports

Previous years' data and lists are readily accessible for you to generate and query.

An Integrated System

The SIS integrates with all modules: changes made to data in the SIS automatically sync system-wide.

  • For example, the school wide mail module automatically retrieves updated email addresses from the SIS.
  • The Forms module pulls information from the SIS so a parent's form is automatically pre-populated with their information. It also pushes updates a parent makes in their form back into the SIS.

Powerful Reporting

Super customized and robust reports can be created and exported based on any criteria and filters.

  • Filter by grade level, course, class, graduation year, and admissions students.
  • Filter by fields, such as all students with an allergy or all students on a given bus line.
  • Download reports in PDF and Excel formats, or print them directly from the screen.
  • Create labels ready-to-print with your data.

Safe and Secure

We make sure your data is safe and secure. We record a log of all edits to ensure data integrity, and make daily backups in case something goes wrong.

I like how when I search for a parent or a child all their info is right there with one click of a button. All the child's info parents info, etc. ParentLocker is very easy to use. I love how I can access parent info with a click of a button, how easy it is to change info around to make it more accommodating for admin users. I also appreciate and love how customer service is so nice and quick to fix minor issues and in answering all my questions!

Sigal Abikhzer , Secretary, Yavneh Hebrew Academy

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