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Yeshiva of Central Queens

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Dear Abe,
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Ari's Updates
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Tonight's Homework
6B1 Ivrit
  • Today in class we continued our unit on the Kineret. The students recieved new vocabulary words, they will have a quiz next Wednesday. The students have an assessment on Ivrit next Friday.

6B1 Chumash
  • Today we did pasuk 37 with Rashi, please review with skype chavrusa the pasuk ans rashi, know how to read it inside.Answer questions on page 10 in workbook.

6B1 Parsha
  • Today we did an overview of this weeks parsha. Please review the Parsha questions and prepare for the quiz next week. (see included file) If you bring in Note that the Parsha questions and dvar torah were reviewed at the Shabbat table, you will receive 4 star cards.
    Dvar Torah Beshalach.pdf
    Parshat B'Shalach YCQ.pdf

6B1 Social Studies
  • Week #4 due tomorrow.

6B1 Social Studies
  • Today we learned about the branches of the Roman Republic.
    H.W.:Chapter 7 section 1 - due Monday

6B1 Science
  • Today we continued to review classroom procedures, and we went over the outline for the science fair. The outline is due tomorrow - however, I have given everyone a week's extension if needed because so many students require extra time. However, the earlier the students can hand in their outlines, the better! I have attached the outline as well as the welcome letter that explains everything they need to do. I do not have any more copies to hand out in class.
    Science Fair Outline.docx
    Welcome Letter.docx

6B1 Language Arts
  • Today, we learned how to answer open-ended discussion questions by scanning the text; finding a quote to copy; explaining why this quote is important to the story; and making a connection to our society.

    HW: Finish reading chapters 1-13 of "The Giver." Continue working on the open-ended discussion questions in your RNB. Due Monday.

    Vocabulary Test Unit 4 Friday.
    Book Report 5 Due 2/2/15
    Open-Ended Genre Questions.pdf

6B1 Gemara
  • We figured out on our own that we learn from Musaf, "ad" must be inclusive Pleas answer the following questions: 1) In the words of the Mishna, until when can you daven Musaf according to Rabbi

    2) If the day starts at 6 AM what are the 2 possible times that Musaf ends (1 time-if
    is not inclusive and 1 time if it is).

    3) Explain the Gemorah's case "If u have 2 tefillos in front of u"?

    4) Why does this braisa prove that ?must be inclusive? Explain

Binyamin's Updates
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Tonight's Homework
8B2 Ivrit
  • today we had a reading comprehension test in class. for homework please find definitions on page 73 in green book due next Wednesday.

8B2 Social Studies
  • Today we discussed US foreign policy and the "Red Scare" during the 1920's.
    HW: Read text pgs 741-742; 744(Racial)-745.

8B2 Language Arts
  • Today students continued to analyze a sample research paper. Students used a research writing rubric to "grade" the sample paper. This will help students understand what is expected of them for their research paper and how I will be grading their research paper.

    1. Vocabulary test Unit 4 on Friday
    2. Write a story using ALL of the vocabulary words in unit -- Underline each word -- due Friday.
    4. Write about one thing that you enjoyed/liked in Variant. Be sure to include details from the text to support your opinion. This should be a minimum of one paragraph -- Due tomorrow

8th Grade Gemorah- Rabbi Nat
  • Review Mishnah and Gemorah for reading quiz on Friday 35B

8th Grade Boys Math
  • Today we learned to factor trinomials into 2 binomials.
    9-5/ 1-3, 6-11, 14-17, 44-47

Assignments Due
Parsha Homework due Tuesday 2/3 in 8B2 Parsha
  • This past week we learned Parshat Vaera and continued Sefer Shemot. We learned the basic Peshat as well as an analysis of the Rashi "Vata'al Hatzefardea".
    For homework students are required to: 1- Complete the enclosed Parsha sheet.. 2- Study for a quiz on the Parsha and 3- Type a summary of the topics that we learned, as well as your opinion of it, print it and hand it in next week
    Dvar Torah Vaeira.pdf
    Parshat Vaera YCQ.pdf

shichon 2000 due Wednesday 2/4 in 8B2 Ivrit
  • today we had a reading comprehension test in class. for homework please find definitions on page 73 in green book due next Wednesday.

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