Solutions for Teachers

Tools to help teachers focus on what really matters.

ParentLocker gives teachers and staff the tools to work more professionally and efficiently. From new ways to engage and communicate with students and parents, to a better system for grades and report cards, ParentLocker saves teachers' time and effort.


Teachers can share news, photos, schoolwork, homework, files and grades with parents and students.

Keep Organized

ParentLocker helps teachers keep track of students, classwork, grades, lessons, incidents, and more.


Teachers can email individual student or parents, or their classes, with homework and other news.


Easily input daily attendance online or on-the-go and follow up with detailed reports.

Test Calendar

Teachers can schedule tests and quizzes based on a master test calendar to ensure optimal student workload balance.


Even not-so-tech-savvy teachers find ParentLocker easy-to-use and intuitive.


Teachers can write discipline and academic Notes to have on-record and to keep other staff members in-the-loop.


Teachers can upload their weekly lesson plans, which can be reviewed and commented on by school administrators.


Teachers can enter grades and generate averages on Gradebook, with support for Standards-Based Grading. Gradebook grades can be imported into Report Cards automatically.

ParentLocker is the leading management solution for K-12 schools.

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