Create printable schedules and know where each student is at any given time.

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ParentLocker's schedule module makes it easy to create student and teacher schedules.
  • The schedule lets you see where a students is on a given day and time, and where the class meets at that time.
  • The schedule integrates with the attendance module, so that attendance taking is streamlined based on the schedule, and locating a student is accurate.
  • Parents can find their childrens' schedules on ParentLocker; this can be useful when looking for the ideal time to schedule their child's dentist appointment, for example.
  • Teacher schedules can also be created through the Schedules module.

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Easy to Set Up

With ParentLocker, creating student and teacher schedules is a breeze.
  • Create a schedule format and indicate the periods and times for each day of the week.
  • Using the scheduler, click the days and times each course meets.
  • The system will automatically create a schedule for each student based on the courses he or she is in. Teacher schedules will populate with the courses they teach.
  • The system detects conflicts in schedules and indicates the conflicts on-screen.
  • Room numbers, after-school clubs, and locker numbers can also be inputted on student schedules.

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