Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduling Module

Conference scheduling made quick, easy, and hassle-free.

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Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduling Module

ParentLocker's PTC module allows parents to schedule meetings with teachers using an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. With ParentLocker, conferences are smooth-sailing for teachers, parents and - more than for anyone - your office staff.

Easy to Set Up

  • Configure meeting times and dates as desired by setting start time, end time, meeting intervals, and setting any breaks.
  • Next, set availability information for teachers and input teacher room numbers for conferences.
  • Once everything is set up, you can open the system for early-schedulers and finally all parents to schedule.

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Smart System

  • No conflicts: meetings that conflict with the parent’s own schedule or the teacher's schedule can’t be booked.
  • Parents see only the teachers who teach their children.
  • Parents print or email themselves their schedules - complete with teacher and class information, which child the meeting is for, date and time, and meeting room number.
  • Allow parents who are also teachers to schedule first.
  • The system is integrated with the School Information System, so teachers and class-lists are automatically synchronized.

The sign up for parent teacher conference is MUCH MUCH better than the system at my other children's schools. A pleasure! I don't have to go searching separately for who my child's teachers are, I don't have to keep looking to see if I had already signed up for a particular teacher (when you have only one kid in a school its not a big deal, but with multiple kids it can get confusing quickly).

Dina Kornblau, Parent, Yeshiva Har Torah

Parents Schedule With Ease

An intuitive side-by-side layout makes it easy for parents to find convenient times to book with teachers.

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The system allows for different divisions, grades, or classes to have different meeting lengths on the same day.

  • For example, you can set Middle School courses to have shorter meetings than Elementary School courses.
  • Or, set homeroom classes to have longer conference meetings than specialty courses.

Lots of Control

Administrators have complete control to view, update, manage, schedule, and cancel any meetings.

  • Manually schedule meetings for parents if the need arises.
  • Pull up and print teachers' schedules as well as parents' schedules.
  • Create breaks or block off times to limit teacher availability. Alternatively, add more times if everything fills up.

Easy to use as a parent and as an educator. As a parent I loved knowing about homework assignments. On the administrative side, setting up conferencing, report cards, and pulling documentation couldn't be easier.

Laura Weinman, Admin. Asst., Yavneh Hebrew Academy

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