Input daily attendance and generate quality attendance reports.

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Easy Interface

  • Teachers or office staff log into ParentLocker to easily input attendance daily — per course or once per day.
  • Attendance can be taken from a computer or from a tablet device in class, making it a convenient and fast process.
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  • Attendance can be set up to be taken once per day, or for multiple courses each day, depending on your school or grade levels.
  • Students can be marked present, absent, tardy, with or without excused/unexcused designations. Other options, such as Left Early, can be added as well.


Attendance reports can be generated to help manage and summarize attendance data, as well as identify attendance trends.

  • Reports by date can be generated to use at dismissal so that buses/carpools know not to wait for absent students.
  • Reports by student can be generated to pinpoint all of a student's attendance issues, such as tardies and absences.
  • Summary reports can be generated to list all students, or students in a class or grade, and the number of attendance absences or tardies they had during the report date interval.
  • Threshold reports can be generated to identify students that meet a criterion, such as only students with no absences (hooray!) or only students with three or more absences during the interval.
  • Absent three consecutive days report identifies students that have been absent for three consecutive school days.


ParentLocker's Attendance Module integrates with the Report Card and Progress Report Module. The number of absences and tardies are automatically populated onto the report cards so that teachers or staff don't need to manually copy them over.

Our school has been using Parent Locker for three years, and it's been the solution to all of our needs relating to attendance, report cards, emails, and schedules.

Naomi Fredman, Director of Technology, North Shore Hebrew Academy

ParentLocker is the leading management solution for K-12 schools.

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