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Report Card
2013-2014, 3rd Trimester
Lilly Jackson (2A)

Subject  :   2A (AM) (Mrs. Sarah)
Reading קריאה
Independent Reading LevelMNO
Recognizes high frequency words444
Reads aloud fluently with expression444
Shows evidence of understanding the text444
Uses appropriate strategies to figure out new words444
Chooses appropriate books and reads independently334
Writing כתיבה
Writes independently on a variety of topics333
Uses appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation333
Uses a variety of strategies when writing words333
Listening and Speaking הקשבה ושיחה
Shares information and opinions in class discussions333
Listens respectfully and takes turns speaking444
Builds on the ideas of others in conversation333
Mathematics מתימטיקה
Computes with accuracy and efficiency333
Solves problems and explains solutions and strategies333
Science מדע
Demonstrates an understanding of content333
Demonstrates science skills and scientific thinking333
Social Studies ‫לימוד חברתי
Demonstrates an understanding of content334
Demonstrates an understanding of map skills333
Specialties מקצועות מיוחדים
Physical Education333
Personal and Social Growth מדות והתנהגות
Demonstrates respect for teachers444
Demonstrates respect for classmates444
Demonstrates respect for class and school rules444
Accepts responsibility444
Demonstrates effort444
Completes homework444
Works cooperatively with others444
1st Term Comments
Lilly has been adjusting well to second grade and is a pleasure to have in class. Her reading skills are above grade level at this time, and we are working on developing her inferential comprehension as the books get harder. Lilly is an attentive and conscientious student who has high standards for her work. She works well independently as well as with others. I look forward to her continued success throughout the year.
2nd Term Comments
Lilly has been doing very well this term. She is a bright and motivated student who participates nicely in class. Her reading continues to be above grade level and she has written many great stories in Writer's Workshop. Keep practicing reading comprehension questions at home to help Lilly improve even further. Keep up the good work.
3rd Term Comments
I am really proud of the progress Lilly has made this year. She is a pleasure to have in class and has done really well in Social Studies while completing her community book. Her reading has really improved over the past few months as well. Keep reading over the summer and good luck in third grade.
Subject  :   2A (PM) (Mrs. Rachel)
Holidays חגים
Displays knowledge of how to perform Mitzvot and customs333
Understands origin of the holidays333
Parshat HaShavua פרשת השבוע
Knows the name of the Parsha333
Demonstrates knowledge of the story333
Chumash (Grade 2) חומש
Demonstrates understanding of storyline344
Demonstrates knowledge of Shorashim (roots of words)333
Can identify prefixes and suffixes 33
Translates Pasukim (verses)334
Tefillah תפילה
Participates with class in tefillah444
Listening האזנה
Understands class directions333
Comprehends new phrases333
Speaking דיבור
Uses simple sentences to express thoughts333
Utilizes new vocabulary to form phrases333
Reading קריאה
Recognizes letters333
Can identify the vowels and their sounds333
Reads accurately334
Reads fluently233
Writing כתיבה
Knows how to form letters333
Writes words accurately333
Writes simple phrases333
Personal and Social Growth מדות והתנהגות
Demonstrates respect for teachers444
Demonstrates respect for classmates444
Accepts responsibility for honoring class and school rules444
Works cooperatively with others333
Demonstrates effort444
Completes homework334
1st Term Comments
Lilly is a special girl with amazing middot. She puts a lot of effort into all her classwork, and it is reflected in her great achievements. I am very proud of her. Keep up the great work!
2nd Term Comments
Lilly's smile brightens up my day. I am so proud of all her achievements, especially her efforts in improving her reading fluency. With practice, she will excel even more. Keep up the good work!
3rd Term Comments
Lilly has been a pleasure to teach this year, she is a very smart girl that puts in above and beyond what is expected of her in to all of her work! I am so proud of her. Have an amazing summer.
Assessment Key
Achievement and behaviors are evaluated using the following numerical indicators:
4 - Exceeds grade-level standards or expectations
2 - Approaches grade-level standards or expectations
3 - Meets grade-level standards or expectations
1 - Below grade-level standards or expectations
1st Term
2nd Term
3rd Term
Days Absent: 0 Tardies: 1 Days Absent: 1 Tardies: 0 Days Absent: 2 Tardies: 5

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