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Virtual Classrooms

ParentLocker's Virtual Classrooms provide a gateway for teachers, parents, and students to interact, collaborate, and share information relevant to classes, groups, and clubs.

Modeled after a real life classroom, each Virtual Classroom includes a dedicated newsboard, an interactive calendar (for assignments, assessments, etc.), a collaborative discussion board (or "forum", where teachers, parents, and students engage in virtual public conversations that everyone can contribute to), a file download center (for lesson plans, handouts, etc.) and other interactive features such as customizable polls and counters.

Each virtual classroom is maintained by the teacher and can be accessed by parents and students from home. The virtual classrooms keep parents and students up-to-date on what is going on in each class, and ultimately leads to increased scholastic successes. Learn more by watching the video or contacting us at

The virtual classroom. On the left is the logo and class information. The first tab - About - includes an overview of the class: the latest news posts, and gadgets on the right to make the page more personalized and relevant to the class.

The newsboard tab includes news posts by the teachers. These are great for parents and students to know homework and what is going on in class.

The classroom discussion boards (or "forums") are a great way for parents, students, and teachers to interact. Topics can be started and any users can contribute to the discussion. The discussion boards helps increase communication, interaction, and collaboration within the online classroom.

The classroom calendar is a great way for students and teachers to stay on top of upcoming dates. Teachers can put homework, assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, etc. on the calendar.

The classroom file download center is a place where parents and students can download files uploaded by the teacher. This is great for download homework, handouts, presentations, etc that a student may have missed or wasn't given in class.

ParentLocker not only enables us to sign up for and access Parent-Teacher Conferences with ease, it also enables easy-access to our hot lunch ordering program. Teachers now almost exclusively use ParentLocker to communicate via email and to update parents on their class' progress in their virtual classrooms. We envision further benefits from ParentLocker as we move from a paper system to a paperless system. We appreciate the inventive technology ParentLocker offers, as well as the ease of use. Thank you!

Mrs. Gabriela Shapiro
Emek Hebrew Academy

Along with using ParentLocker to post grades and class information, I was able to post an audio 'podcast' of a newspaper my students made. The podcast has become increasingly popular as faculty, parents and students are able to listen, comment and share it through ParentLocker's easily customizable website.

Caroline Schwartz, English teacher, Los Angeles, CA

Parent Locker has made receiving information from the school much easier. The messages are clear, helpful and very informative. I love this new web site! Thank you Parent Locker!

Sheri, YULA Parent, Los Angeles, CA

ParentLocker is easily navigable and allows me to find useful information such as calendars, school news, my grades, and my homework all in one, convenient place. The program is well organized and helps me to be so too. My school seems to function more efficiently through ParentLocker, which has streamlined processes like class and exam registration.

Brian S., YULA Junior, Los Angeles, CA

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