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Report Cards & Progress Reports

ParentLocker's Online Grading Solutions are a powerful set of features aimed at allowing schools to consolidate all grade processes to one unified and secure center. The result is a standalone system that harnesses school data and the power of the internet to create beautiful and accurate report cards and progress reports. Parents can view the grade reports online, eliminating the need for expensive mailings.

Different templates can be uploaded for your school, allowing an unprecedented level of report customization. Even seperate parts of your own school (ie: different grades or divisions) can have unique grade reports.

Teachers enter grades securely online (see screenshots) from anywhere with Internet. After all grades are entered, administrators can print reports or email them to parents which saves trees, and also printing and mailing costs. Grades are stored and can be retrieved through ParentLocker forever, long after the students have left the school.

ParentLocker's Gradebook Platform provides powerful, simple, and customizable solutions to all your grading needs. For more information, email us at

Teachers log in and through the interface enter grade information. These templates can be customized to fit your school.

A sample ParentLocker Report Card. These can be printed or email to parents. Grade reports can be customized to fit your school's needs.

A sample ParentLocker Progress Report. These can be printed or email to parents. Grade reports can be customized to fit your school's needs.
HAFTR has previewed and tried a number of software products to improve our school's organization and communication with our parents. Without a doubt, ParentLocker is the best program available in terms of quality of the software, value, and customer service. It is exceptionally user friendly, requiring very limited staff training. ParentLocker has worked closely with our staff to customize the program to meet our individual needs. Everything a school administrator requires is conveniently online, including our school database, lesson plans, report cards, progress reports, parent teacher conference scheduling and virtual classrooms. Our faculty and staff have been able to accomplish much more in less time than with past programs we have used. ParentLocker has seamlessly integrated 21st century technology into our school with ease.

Rabbi David Leibtag
Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns & Rockaway

We at the HAFTR Middle School Office very much love working with ParentLocker. It is very user friendly. We can obtain a report, find a class, student information or family details in a matter of minutes. The teachers have been inputing their lesson plans with ease and the parents are able to see at a glance the work their children are doing. The report cards and progress reports are so much easier to enter and obtain than any other program we have used in the Middle School in the past. I am excited about exploring all the other options that are available to us going forward. I also appreciate the fact that any questions or changes that we need, you and your staff and always prompt and ready to help us. Keep up the good work.

HAFTR Middle School Office

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